Apprentice Programme

Llyr Johnson

Apprentice Network Operator

I applied to work for Welsh Water because I was looking for an opportunity to build a career for myself within a big company in Wales. Welsh Water has a good reputation for looking after their employees and I was also drawn to them, as they’re a not for profit company with no shareholders. Welsh Water is in charge of its own decisions and innovations, which means it can invest more money in improving the service it gives to customers.

The role suited me perfectly as it combined on-the-job training with an experienced colleague and an element of classroom learning. This meant that I wouldn’t be thrown into the deep end,so that I’d have time to learn and develop for 18 months and then be ready to go out on my own.

One of the things I love most about my role is that every day is different as we travel to a variety of places and do a wide range of tasks. There are many different things I have to do in my role such as clearing blockages, retrievals, sewer surveys, odour complaints and routine maintenance. I enjoy doing retrievals as my colleague Geraint has created his own gadgets to retrieve things such as rods or bricks that are stuck in drains and sewers. This saves thousands of pounds as it means the company doesn’t have to dig down to remove the blockages. I’m only the second person in the whole world to use these gadgets for retrievals, which is a pretty good feeling! I meet different people every day and I find it very rewarding when we can help customers, deal with their problems and alleviate their stress.

I would say to people thinking of applying for this role – Do it! Applying to work for Welsh Water is one of the best things I’ve ever done and I would recommend it to anyone. Working for Welsh Water isn’t just a job, it’s a chance to build a career for yourself.

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