Graduate Programme

David Morgan

I applied for the graduate programme because it was very attractive with a good focus on continual development. The role ‘data scientist’ that I had applied for interested me because it was something that I saw as being cross-functional in terms of engaging with all areas of the business and having the opportunity to work on projects that mattered.

I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Computing and have always had an interest in computers, databases and ‘big data’. Something that had attracted me to this position at Welsh Water was that it seemed like a perfect fit for my experience and interests, and a good opportunity to learn something new.

The best thing about my current role is the diversity learning skills which apply to three key areas of data science; business analysis, data engineering and statistics. My role is unique, in that from month to month we could be working companywide; exposure that’s not available to most.

The Data Science team at Welsh Water are one of the fastest growing, largest teams of its kind within the water sector. If you enjoy a challenge and have an interest in data science, automation, databases, machine learning, statistics then this is the one for you!

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