Graduate Programme

Hannah Williams

After graduating from the University of Exeter with a Biosciences degree in 2016; I knew applying for the Welsh Water Graduate scheme was the correct step in starting my career within the water industry.

I was determined to work for Welsh Water after being drawn to such a unique business and the values it holds as a company.

My personal experience as a Welsh Water Graduate has been highly rewarding. I am currently in my third 18 week rotational placement. Each placement has provided me with a transferable skill set, to allow me to develop throughout the scheme and prepare me for a permanent role at the end of the programme.

An integral part of the scheme that sets Welsh Waters graduate programme apart, is that it invests in you! Its structure allows everyone to grow and develop not only through individual placements, specific to each graduate, but also through a number of training courses, creating the opportunity for you to have a long and prosperous career within Welsh Water itself.

There are many reason to apply to work for this company, one of which is the warm and welcoming working environment I have been lucky enough to be a part of.

No two days are the same, varying from visiting and inspecting a service reservoir, to attending meetings discussing new innovation projects at a Water treatment works.

I can’t recommend working for this company enough. So don’t hesitate, apply now.

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