Graduate Programme

James Little

Why did you apply for the Welsh Water graduate programme?

I applied for the Welsh Water graduate programme after I attended a Careers Fair in Pontypridd. I always knew about Welsh Water but after speaking to the team at the Careers Fair I decided to look more into the company. I really liked the opportunity to move around such a large business whilst working in different teams and as different roles. The chance to learn something new, to increase my knowledge of the industry, to gain qualifications, along with a good starting salary was what stood out for me.

What have you enjoyed most about the Welsh Water graduate programme?

What I have enjoyed the most throughout the Graduate programme so far is the opportunity I have been given to travel to new places. I have visited several Welsh Water sites across Wales, as well as attending industry conferences in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Cardiff. Not only this, but the people within the company have all been so welcoming and friendly, from the Call Centre Agents to the Apprentices, all the way to the Chief Executive. The level of responsibility given to me has helped me to grow as an individual and also as a team player. I particularly enjoyed working on the stand to be able to promote Welsh Water at the very same careers fair that I once attended.

What would you say to anyone thinking about applying for the programme?

Definitely apply. The application process is shorter and more user friendly than many other Graduate schemes. You never know what will happen.

Also, if you have any interesting stories, hobbies, backgrounds etc. it would be great to know.

In my spare time I am a semi-professional rugby player. However, I have also set up my own rugby club that specialises in seven aside rugby. We spend time coaching new players from the ages of 15 to 40 and provide them with the opportunity to travel across the UK to play rugby. We have worked with charities such as Mind and have further plans to coach young rugby players under the age of 9. We have recently been given support by the Welsh Water Community Fund to help improve our training and playing facilities. Before I joined the Graduate Scheme I was a secondary school teacher, teaching Economics, IT and Business Studies.

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