Graduate Programme

Joshua Foulkes

Why did you apply for the Welsh Water graduate programme?

Throughout my university experience I sought opportunities to engage with employees from a range of organisations and industries to find the right fit for me. I was looking for somewhere that would both challenge and inspire me to succeed whilst supporting a positive work-life balance. On meeting staff from Welsh Water, one thing was very clear – how genuinely positive employees at Welsh Water were when talking about the water industry and their role within it. Partnering these positive experiences with meeting the Data Science Team during a few career-based events inspired me to launch my career through Welsh Water’s graduate scheme.


What have you enjoyed most about the Welsh Water graduate programme?

The graduate programme has given me number of experiences that may have been beyond my reach this early in my career such as managing projects, engaging with senior stakeholders and raising £10,000 for the Princes Trust. From day one, the opportunities have been great and have contributed to my ongoing development, particularly when it comes to engagement and support from senior figures within the company. One of the areas I have really enjoyed is giving back to the community. It is actively supported and encouraged within Welsh Water, and through the graduate programme I have been supported to attend a number of career and STEM events as well as taking the lead on corporate fundraising initiatives.


What would you say to anyone thinking about applying for the programme?

Work at Welsh Water has the potential to be deeply rewarding if you’re willing to work for it. The graduate programme does facilitate opportunities for you to push yourself and develop critical skills – if you are willing to use it. It is what you make of it and each graduate’s experience on the scheme is unique as a result.


Also, if you have any interesting stories, hobbies, backgrounds etc. it would be great to know.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m a keen enthusiast of all things sport/activity related. I spend a large majority of my spare time partaking in physical activities, playing for local Basketball and Touch Rugby clubs as well as getting up to all sorts of outdoor activities on the weekends. My fiancée and I are also keen ballroom dancers so can be found waltzing around a ballroom from time to time.