Graduate Programme

Katie Ferguson

During my Masters year at university, I applied to the Welsh Water Graduate Scheme as I believed it would be the best transition from university to working life due to the many training programmes and varied placements that it encompasses. Welsh Water also have a great representation due to their customer led approach and not-for-profit business structure.

Having studied Chemical Engineering at university, I had a strong interest in process design so was particularly keen in applying for the Capital Delivery Alliance Graduate Scheme to develop my technical knowledge whilst gaining leadership experience. The key factor that appealed to me however was the varied placements, this meant that I would be able to get a feel for different areas of the business whilst building up a wide network of contacts and getting a feel for where my career could go.

The Welsh Water Graduate Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for numerous reasons. Firstly the exposure you get to directors in the business is second to none; the scheme enables you to have mentorship from those with a wealth of experience behind them. Secondly, the training you receive is highly sought after and widely recognised. Graduates at Welsh Water receive both project management and leadership qualifications.

I have learnt a huge amount since joining the company, and have a much wider understanding of both the potable water and wastewater sides of the business. I have learnt how to apply my technical understanding and build on problem solving, as well as working collaboratively.

My favourite part of the job is the people. Welsh Water has such a great culture of supporting one another to reach the common goal of delivering for the customer. Therefore there is always someone who will be more than happy to support and guide you where you need it.

I would highly recommend anyone considering applying to go for it. If you want a job with a great culture where every day is different, then the Welsh Water Graduate Scheme is the way to go. The opportunities are endless.

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