Graduate Programme

Vyvyan Evans

Waste Water Graduate (2016)

I applied for the Welsh Water graduate role as the rotational placements allow you to gain a great oversight of all areas of the business; additionally it was clear from the recruitment process that you are given real responsibility from day one. The varied nature of the two year programme and the additional training available was what initially attracted me to the role. We are offered qualifications on management and leadership, along with a chartered qualification in our specific area of interest.

One of the highlights of my current role is that on a daily basis I get to meet an amazing range of people, from site based colleagues, to customers, MPs and community groups. This means that I’m constantly expanding my networks and I’m continuously stimulated.

I would say to people that are interested in applying that they shouldn’t worry if they don’t have a background in water or know little about the water industry; whether it’s data, scientific research or biodiversity that excites you, you can learn lots and make a big difference in whatever role you do here.

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